Collection: Earthy Candles & Home Fragrance

Bring the serene and grounding aromas of nature into your home with Seventh Avenue Apothecary’s earthy scented candles. These home fragrance essentials capture the rich, deep scents of the outdoors, from moist woodland soil to the crispness of fallen leaves, providing a soothing backdrop to any living space.

Using only the finest soy wax and infused with natural, earthy essences, our candles burn cleanly and disperse a comforting, lingering aroma that feels like an escape to a rustic retreat. These candles are particularly suited to spaces where you relax and rejuvenate, such as living rooms, home offices, or dens. Incorporate our earthy scented candles into your home fragrance collection to create a tranquil, grounding atmosphere that enriches your daily living experience.