Collection: Aroma Oils

Aroma Oils offer a consistent way to scent your home without worrying about flames. Diffusers that plugin will typically disperse scent for about 8 hours! Giving you fragrance all day long!

Elevate your sensory experience with Seventh Avenue Apothecary's exquisite collection of aroma oils. Designed for use in oil burners or diffusers, these concentrated oils fill your space with rich, lasting fragrances that are as therapeutic as they are delightful.

Our aroma oils are carefully blended to ensure a clean and intense scent release, perfect for setting a relaxing or revitalizing ambiance. Each scent is derived from high-quality ingredients, mirroring the complexity and depth of our candle fragrances. From the soothing notes of vanilla to the energizing essence of eucalyptus, our oils cater to any mood or preference.

Incorporate Seventh Avenue aroma oils into your daily routine for a consistent and customizable fragrance experience. They're not just an alternative to candles—they're a lifestyle enhancement that brings spa-like luxury right into your home.