What Are Wax Melts And How Do They Work?

What Are Wax Melts And How Do They Work?

What Are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are aromatic pieces of wax that do not require an open flame nor a wick. An electric device called a warmer is used to heat and melt the wax as an alternative to traditional candles. They come in a broad variety of scents, waxes, and sizes. Wax melts are becoming the fastest-growing division in the home fragrance market, although many people aren’t familiar with them yet.

How Do Wax Melts Work?

Wax melts are incredibly easy to use. Simply put, you take the pieces of your wax melts and place one or more in you warmer. Then turn on your warmer and as the wax melts you will begin to smell the aroma of your choosing. When you are finished, just turn the warmer off and the wax will solidify ready to be used again next time.

How do Wax Melts Hold Up To Traditional Candles?

They are also very safe in comparison to candles. Candles can cause house fires due to accidents such as forgetting to put a candle out or one being knocked over. For wax melts all you have to do is turn them off and most wax melt warmers are UL or ETL certified meaning they are safe to leave on even if you forget.

What Is The Safest Type Of Wax Melt?

One of the safest types of wax melts are 100% natural soy wax melts that are dye-free and clean burning. Traditional candles that use paraffin wax are known to emit harmful chemicals. Soy wax is natural and not harmful to you or the environment. Wax melts do not require a glass container and therefore glass is not being wasted (as they are with candles) and deposited in a landfill every time you would like to change your wax melt scent.

How Is The Scent Of Wax Melt Blends In Comparison To Candles?

On an aromatic level, on average, wax melts contain more fragrance oils than candles do. Candles average around 6% fragrance oil, where as wax melts can range up to 12% fragrance to wax ratio. Alongside having more fragrance in the actual blend itself, there is a unique creative aspect too. You can experiment and customize your own scent by mixing different wax melts together. Get creative! At Seventh Avenue Apothecary we have a wide variety of unique 100% natural soy wax melts. Explore our shop now!
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