Custom Branded Wedding Candles Made With Soy Wax!

Custom Branded Wedding Candles Made With Soy Wax!

Custom branded wedding candles are a unique way to leave a lasting impression on every person involved in this special day. A wedding is one of the most memorable moments in your lifetime and you are sharing it with your favorite people. From the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the beloved guest list it is a special memory for all. Scents are retained in our memory. When a fragrant aroma is attached to a special moment in time, it can re-ignite those wonderful memories all over again. Your wedding day is a milestone in your life. Joining two families together as one, it is one of the most (if not the most) extravagant celebration of your lifetime. As the bride or groom you only get to see the wedding through your eyes. Your beloved guests may come from a variety of different places and backgrounds to celebrate this special day with you. For that reason, help them to re-live the moments shared and show how much you appreciate them. It’s no secret, women love candles. Women are creatures of fantasy wrapping ourselves up in dreams and fairytales. Thus, one of the biggest fairytales most women all share is that of our wedding day. The presence of candles creates this soft, magical glow that can transform a fluorescent-lit room, therefore creating fantasy. Therefore, a candle is the perfect gift. A candle personifies the ambiance you seek to create. It embodies romance and magic you hope to share as your new life begins. Candles represent the future emitting a scent you hope to remember in the years to come.

Custom Branded Wedding Candles at Seventh Avenue Apothecary

At Seventh Avenue Apothecary we have many years experience in creating the perfect candle for your special occasion. We help to create a customized label for you that displays a beautiful representation of the couple. If you already have an image in mind we are able to reproduce the image on our candles. We create candles with ingredients made in the United States and use 100% soy wax.  Our soy wax is clean burning, safe for the environment, and last up to 50 percent longer than other wax blends. If you are interested in creating a custom label soy wax candle and would like us to be a part of your special day, visit our store Seventh Avenue Apothecary or explore our site online!

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