Ways To Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Ways To Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

The bare tree branches start sprouting green buds, the air smells of freshly bloomed flowers, the days get longer, and sleepy animals start to awaken from their long winter slumbers. These are the tell-tale signs of Spring, which are more often than not welcomed with open arms. Commemorate this Spring season by freshening up your home so you can fully enjoy all this season has to offer!

Add Spring Scents To Your Home

There is no better way to make your home more Spring inspired than by adding scents that represent the season to your  countertops, coffee tables, shelves, and end tables. At Seventh Avenue Apothecary, the changing seasons influence us to create scents that a reminiscent of Spring activities and happenings!

Flame Options

Candles are a great way to transform an atmosphere through scents, which can change the way we feel in a space. Flame options also contribute to calming minds and improving moods. We have formulated some limited edition new Spring scented candles to help you create an ambiance that embodies everything that Spring is all about! Green Mandarin + Geranium Tea combines oakmoss, bitter mandarin, and a touch of clove and sage, making it a delightful candle to light as you prepare a lunch made of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Goji Berry + Costal Cedar combines bergamot, watery marine, and riesling, making it the perfect candle to light on an outdoor patio as grill-up food to enjoy with friends and family. Tomato + Arugula combines fresh garden herbs with peppery aroma, making it the most splendid candle to burn while arranging floral bouquets for your home or while you're harvesting fresh sprouts from your vegetable garden.   Blood Orange + Champagne smells of effervescent sweet citrus, making it the most enjoyable scent to burn while hosting a brunch or enjoying a picnic in the park. Bonfire + Pina Colada combines charred wood with pineapple and coconut making it our top entertaining scent for nighttime bonfires and hangouts.  Spearmint + Green Matcha combines soothing lavender, geranium, corn mint, spearmint, and sage, making it a lovely scent to enjoy on a breezy Spring day while you work or study. This scent would also pair well with a nighttime bath or reading!

Flameless Options

Flameless scent options are an appreciable option for those who want to create an atmosphere that smells like Spring without the flame. Choosing a flameless option is also a great idea if you have young kids running around or pets that could knock over candles. All of our new Spring scents are available in room sprays!

Bring Fresh Florals Into Your Home

Do you know what goes hand-in-hand with spring-scented candles and room sprays? Fresh florals! Having fresh flower bouquets in your home help reduce stress, increase creativity, and calm your mind. Combining bouquets with candles or room sprays can help cultivate the ultimate relaxing space. If you’re feeling creative, you can choose floral colors you think to resemble the scents of the candles or room sprays you choose! I don’t know about you but I think a floral arrangement of orange, pink, yellow, and white would compliment a blood orange + champagne candle or room spray perfectly.  No matter which way you decide to open your arms to Spring with, we hope your days are filled with light breeze and sunshine!  
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