Prepping Your Home for Summer

Prepping Your Home for Summer

We all know what summer really and pets running inside, musty humid afternoons, and some unwanted smells drifting throughout your home! What can you do to combat that?


 Aroma Oils offer a consistent way to scent your home without worrying about flames. Diffusers that plugin will typically disperse scent for about 8 hours! Giving you fragrance all day long!


Room Sprays give you the opportunity for instant fragrance! 1-2 sprays per room will give it an instant refresh (pro-tip: spray at your front door so that guests are instantly greeted with scent.)


It may seem like you should just light candles everywhere to fill your home, but be intentional with your scents. The citrus fragrance is perfect for your kitchen, it will make it the perfect gathering space. For your living room, we suggest an oceanic or floral scent, fragrances with Fig or Sandalwood are perfect for this lively space.

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