Differences Between Wax Melts and Candles

Differences Between Wax Melts and Candles

1. Longer burn time

Wax melts absorb heat slower than traditional candles and therefore are able to release aromas without burning the oils. This gives the wax the ability to continue releasing the fragrance without the scent evaporating quickly. When you burn a candle, the opposite happens. The heat from the flame of a candle makes the wax maintain a higher temperature, causing the fragrance to diffuse into the air faster.

2. Cheaper than candles

Wax melts are cheaper than traditional candles because they waste less fragrance and burn for longer. The burn time per ounce of wax melts is up to almost 5x longer than traditional candles. Let’s analyze that numerically: The average candle cost around $20.00 and the average burn time is 60 hours. The average wax melts cost around $15.00 and the average burn time is 225 hours. This straightforward example demonstrates that wax melts are significantly cheaper than candles.

3. Flame-free

Traditional candles require a flame and according to the National Fire Protection Association during the years 2011-2015, candles caused 2% of reported home fires, 3% of home fire deaths, 7% of home fire injuries, and 4% of the direct property damage in home fires. Wax melts only require warmers, which use electricity but do not need an open flame. Open flames are dangerous and could burn you, your children, pets, and your belongings.

4.  Do not release harmful chemicals

Candles are known to release harmful toxins, which can aggravate allergies, and asthma, and are linked to cancer. The most common type of wax used today is paraffin wax, which is a waste product derived from the petroleum industry. Paraffin wax releases toxic chemicals such as toluene and benzene, which have been known to damage the lungs, brain, and central nervous system. Candles also contain wicks that may contain heavy metals such as lead. Ingesting airborne heavy metals can have highly hazardous effects on your health. Although in the United States candle wicks are required to have paper or cotton wicks, studies suggest upwards of nearly 30% may contain heavy metals.

5. Convenient

Candles require caution due to the open flame and are difficult to transport as most of them are made in glass containers, which are fragile and can easily break. However, wax melts do not have either of these similar issues and are much more convenient. Wax melts do not require a lighter, are safer around children and can be easily transported without the worry of shattering glass everywhere.

6. Scents can be controlled and altered

You can tweak how strong the aroma is according to your liking or the space you are using the wax melts in. Wax melts come in different sizes and is not just limited to the way that it comes. You can mix it up and even burn and mix different waxes together to create an entirely unique fragrance of your own. At Seventh Avenue Apothecary we have a wide variety of unique 100% natural soy wax melts. Explore our shop now!
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