Candles and Your Mood

Candles and Your Mood

It’s no secret that candles have been used for centuries to bring a peaceful ambiance into a space. Their low light resources and ability to create a serene atmosphere are wonderful, but there are many reasons why you should burn candles in your home.

Before you light your wicks, we wanted to share all of the benefits of burning candles in your home and why you need them!

1. Increase Focus

Looking for a reason to add candles to your workspace? Surrounding yourself with lit candles while working is shown to improve focus and increase positivity. Scent notes such as lemon, orange, cinnamon, and jasmine can give you that extra boost to make it through the day. We suggest our Orange + Sugarwood or Agave Lime + Driftwood.

2. Improve Your Mood

Next time that you are feeling down and desire an instant mood boost, try lighting a candle with citrus and herb-based notes while you meditate and focus on the scent itself to help clear your mind. 

3. Set a Ritual

Candles have been used during rituals for centuries, whether they are spiritual or not. Now we use them to set the mood for different times of the day. Try lighting a candle or two when you’re doing your nightly skin-care routine or when you’re drinking your morning cup of coffee. Keep your phone away during these routines so that you can truly have a moment with yourself to prepare for or reflect on the day. Creating little rituals for yourself will help you to set a routine for your days. 

4. Provide More Restful Sleep

Providing yourself with low (non-blue) light will help you to feel calmer and more prepared for sleep. You can switch out the late-night scrolling with a cup of tea by candlelight. Maybe even challenge yourself to one night a week where you do your evening routine completely lit by candles. We suggest our Lavender + Black Pepper or Bergamot + Black Tea for the nighttime. 

5. Alleviate Stress

We’re more overwhelmed by information and stress than ever, now is absolutely the time to surround yourself with candles. Certain scents are often used for their camping properties. They can alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, and improve the quality of sleep. Next time you’re ready to throw your laptop or phone out, try lighting a candle with notes of chamomile, frankincense, and eucalyptus. We suggest our Golden Bamboo or Green Aloe + Clover. '' At Seventh Avenue Apothecary, we hand-pour all of our soy wax, non-toxic candles. With 35+ scents to choose from, select the ingredients for your mixture of scents. 
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