The Top Concerns That Affect How Long Your Wax Melts Scents Will Last

The Top Concerns That Affect How Long Your Wax Melts Scents Will Last

1. Type of warmer used

Wax melts require a warmer to melt the wax and release their aroma. The amount of heat produced from the warmer is a direct indicator of how long your wax melt scent will last. If your warmer is on the hotter end of the spectrum, the scent will be more intense, however the scent released will be consumed faster and therefore last for a shorter period of time. Correspondingly, if your warmer is on the cooler end of the spectrum, the scent will be milder and as a result will last longer. It is suggested to purchase a warmer from the same store of the wax melts you choose to buy. Each company creates their own individual blend of ingredients for their wax melts recipe. The differing mixtures of fragrance to wax call for different temperatures to melt them. Brands will usually fix their warmers to a pre-set specific temperature explicit to their wax melts. If you do no have a timer on your wax melts warmer, it is a good idea to set an alarm so that you do not waste your wax melts’ scent. If you are currently carrying out trials on warmers, save yourself the time and do not try a potpourri crock. They get incredibly hot and as a result quickly burn off the fragrance of the wax melts.

2. Oil-to-Wax ratio

The chemistry of the wax can be thought of as a sponge or net. When fragrance is added it disperses all through the wax, similar to water in a sponge. The different kinds of wax are comparable to different kinds of sponges; some permit the fragrance to easily come out whereas others retain it. There has to be a balance between the two. If the wax is too compact the aroma won’t be released and the scent will be weak. If the wax is too loose the fragrance burns off too quickly and starts off very strong then becomes weak. Solving this equation resembles chemistry. All of the ingredients yield different results.

3. Fragrance oil vs Essential oil

Fragrance oils are comprised of chemical compounds, some synthetic and some natural. They are carefully blended and prepared to produce high-quality perfume. Fragrance oils are not volatile because they are synthetically made and typically last longer than essential oils. Essential oils are natural containing the aromatic compounds from plants. It is a concentrated liquid that is extracted, distilled, or pressed from varying parts of the plant: berries, bark, root, flowers, etc. It is usually more expensive than fragrance oil because it takes hundreds of pounds of the plant material to only make one pound of essential oil. These oils promote both emotional and physical well-being. The fragrance can help revitalize physical well-being when inhaled. At Seventh Avenue Apothecary we have a wide variety of unique 100% natural soy wax melts. Explore our shop now!
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