Fragrance to fill a room

New 4-Wick Candles

XL vessels meant to fill the largest of spaces. Black matte and heavy bottomed, the Squared Away candle emits modern luxury and comes in several of our best selling scents.


Clean and Relaxing

White Tea + Fig

Hints of juicy citrus are paired with the green floral notes of fresh and peaceful White and Green tea. The scent is finished off with the sophisticated essence of sweet fig.


Warm and Spicy

Tobacco + Vanilla Bourbon

Bold and complex notes of the tobacco leaf are combined with a caramel-like aroma of bourbon and finished off with cinnamon.


Apothecary Candles

We Are Artisan Candle Chemists

Welcome to Seventh Avenue Apothecary, where we craft premium apothecary candles steeped in a rich family heritage. Nestled in the historic heart of Ybor City, Tampa, our family-owned business has been passionately creating artisan candles since 2012. Each candle we produce embodies the spirit of traditional apothecary artistry, infused with a modern twist.

At Seventh Avenue Apothecary, we are dedicated to sustainable practices, using only the finest American-grown soybeans to ensure each candle burns cleanly and beautifully. Our commitment to quality extends throughout our diverse product line, which features a variety of affordable home fragrance products designed to enrich your living spaces.

Being deeply rooted in our community is at the heart of our business. We actively participate in local charities and have established several successful fundraising programs that benefit schools throughout the area. Our candles, known for their unique blends and impeccable craftsmanship, have reached homes across the US and in four different countries, spreading the joy and comfort of high-quality, eco-friendly candles.

Discover the essence of Seventh Avenue Apothecary—a place where the art of traditional candle making meets contemporary elegance and sustainability. Explore our collection and experience the timeless allure of apothecary candles, each lovingly crafted to light up your world.