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Fall Nights Two Pack $58.00 Add to cart Cranberry + Winter Squash Soy Wax Candle $10.00$29.00 Select options Pumpkin Wax Melt Gift Set $63.00 Add to cart

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5/5 Cozy Tampa-based store with great deals and lovely design! Skylar and the rest of staff are very welcoming and offered great suggestions. Dog friendly, too! It smelled absolutely divine and I loved the unique Tampa designs on many of the candles. Jessie R. I’ve been buying their candles for a few years now. They are long lasting and have great scents and designs. Love that they are made here in Ybor. They are quick to process and ship online orders. Bill G. I love the unique scents that they combine and the ease of ordering on their website. Pat B. The wax melts scents are just amazing & makes our home welcoming and inviting!
Excellent fast service! I am a happy ?????customer! Mei-Ling F. Previous Next

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Gather Wax Melt Gift Set $63.00 Add to cart Honeycomb Turquoise Pluggable Fragrance Warmer $20.00 Add to cart Pineapple Pluggable Fragrance Warmer $20.00 Add to cart

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Spiced Pumpkin + Clove Wax Melt Chips $11.00 Add to cart Orange + Sugarwood Wax Melt Chips $11.00 Add to cart Kumquat + Clove Wax Melt Chips $11.00 Add to cart

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Discover our Best Selling Scent! 

Our White Tea + Fig Fragrance - a must-have addition to any home!

This scent combines the juicy citrus notes with the fresh and peaceful floral aroma of white and green tea, finished off with the sophisticated essence of sweet fig.

  • Experience the Essence of Luxury

    The sweet fig scent draws an enchanting aroma that will tantalize and satisfy any luxury lover. Whether it's your home, car, or office, this soothing fragrance will bring a lush layer of luxury that will elevate your space and your mood.

  • Indulge in The Alluring Scents of Fresh Fig

    Figs are known for their unique and fruity sweetness, and our White Tea + Fig scented candle captures this essence perfectly. Indulge your senses with this exquisite blend of scents, designed to captivate anyone with a passion for sensory experiences.

  • Irresistible Citrus Notes

    Discover the tangy citrus flavors that tantalize the taste buds combined with the fresh and tranquil floral scents of white and green tea. Awaken your senses with this unique blend of nonpareil notes mixed with sweet fig!

Experience This Luxurious Blend