Choose your candle based on your zodiac sign scent!

Choose your candle based on your zodiac sign scent!

Each Zodiac sign has unique characteristics. They are generalized descriptions of distinctive qualities each possess. Each zodiac sign can identify with a special fragrance. Your zodiac sign scent is a creative way to express who you are.

Aries: Fearless

Aries will grab your attention. They are not afraid to try new things in order to spice up their life. Their zodiac sign scent is buttered rum and cinnamon. It will invigorate their senses and is just what they need.

Leo: Strength

The lion symbolizes Leo's and you will hear them roar. They like to be center stage and enjoy roles in leadership. They are very bright and lively. Their zodiac sign scent is orange and sugarwood. Is vibrant and warmhearted, suitable for the king of the jungle.

Sagittarius: Adventure

Being the outdoor adventurer and naturist, Sagittarius’ signs feel right at home when they are traveling. They are also very hopeful people who can find a positive outlook on almost any scenario.Their zodiac sign scent is sea salt and sandalwood. It is a great scent to make them feel like they are at the beach or in the woods whilst home.

Taurus: Reliable

Espresso and dark chocolate Venus rules Taurus, which makes them lovers of beauty and pleasure. They value stability and are reliable. Espresso and dark chocolate will personify their sensual nature that loves good food and physical affection.

Virgo: Analytical

Virgos are both energetic and devoted people. Some can be quite the perfectionists who have a high attention to detail. Cashmere and frankincense is an elegant scent that matches their attraction to the pristine.

Capricorn: Disciplined

 Capricorns are put-together and polished individuals. They go after what they want very methodically. They are loyal to their ideals and are very practical. Vetiver and leather matches well with these even-keeled souls.

Gemini: Versatile

Gemini’s are liveliest of the all the zodiac signs. They are passionately curious and have a love for innovation, which makes them excellent communicators. Because they are “the twins” bergamot and black tea will nurture their quick minds.

Libra: Tactful

 Libra’s are able to get what they want by assessing a situation intellectually. They are the masters of diplomacy and do best when they are in love. Primrose and teakwood emits a romantic aroma suitable for these charismatic people.

Aquarius: Idealistic

Aquarians are quite tolerant people. They are unique characters that play by their own rules. They have strong matters of principle. Ginger beer and dark rum is the ideal scent for them. It is as unique as they are and it can help them let loose.

Cancer: Caring

Cancers are extremely loyal and the ultimate nurturers of the zodiac. Home is very important to them. They love to “nest” and are excellent cooks. The moon rules them, therefore they can be very emotional. Bonfire and spun sugar will exhibit both their blazing and sweet nature.

Scorpio: Passion

 Scorpios are driven by passion and act with great fervor. They have a sense of deep and intense intuition. Coconut and sweet musk will exhibit their mysterious nature and their sense of sexuality.

 Pisces: Creativity

 As a water sign, two fish symbolize Pisces. They are thoughtful people who are very romantic and dreamy. They are very deep and intuitive individuals who have vivid imaginations. Lotus flower and kelp is a great representation of them, because their depths mimic the ocean.   At Seventh Avenue Apothecary we make 100% natural soy wax candles. Shop now!  
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